Economic Growth in Rural Maine

The issues facing rural maine are not partisan Issues.

they are american issues.

rural america is Underserved.

It is time for congress and the Federal Government to TAke Action.

The communities dotting Maine’s Second District are the heart and soul of this great state, yet these same communities are disappearing and dying. Many in Maine’s Second District feel that the rest of America has turned its back on rural America.

Patriotic, Hardworking, Taxpaying Americans, there are too many Mainers who are barely scraping by.

Mainers aren’t looking for handouts.

They are looking for OPPORTUNITY


  • Provide the Proper Resources and Infrastructure for Economic Growth

  • Strengthen and maintain a Vigorous marketplace that:

    • encourages innovation

    • increases competition

    • Protects Consumer interests

    • Guarantees fair pricing

  • Empower Rural Maine

    • Create policies that:

      • Encourage Entrepreneurship

      • Promote Sustainable Business Development

      • provides Low Cost, Easily Accessible Adult Education and vocational training

      • support programs focused on Career Development and career changes in Rural America.

  • Ensure the continued success and growth of Maine’s Staple Industries

  • Simplify and Restructure the Tax code

  • Close Loopholes.

  • support Individual Economic Independence,

  • promote Socio-economic mobility,

  • and grow the Middle Class.

Broadband for Rural America

Providing Rural America with Reliable Access to Broadband is essential to Maine’s economic wellbeing, growth and future. Reliable internet access is fundamental to Participating in today’s global economy. Broadband is indispensable for optimizing business operations, communication, research and education. Despite Broadband’s crucial role in today’s world, 1 in 5 Americans still don’t have reliable access to the internet. 80% of those without broadband live in Rural America.

  • The Federal Government needs to step in and Support Rural America. There is no hope of Maine reaching its economic potential without providing this utility.

  • Broadband is essential to increasing Tourism, promoting Entrepreneurship, business development and trade.

  • Broadband is needed in Rural Schools to provide Maine’s children with educational resources and tools.

Physical Infrastructure

America has been slowly falling apart since the middle of last century, yet nothing is being done. Beyond ensuring that we can continue living, commuting and working safely, it is essential for the economic future of Rural Maine and Rural America to address our crumbling infrastructure.

  • Improved Infrastructure will open up our state to tourism (the interior) and expand Rural Mainer’s economic opportunities.

  • Addressing Our Nation’s crumbling Infrastructure will have an immediate economic impact on Maine’s Second District, because Mainer’s will be needed and hired to complete the projects in this state.

antitrust and oversight

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Entrepreneurship, EDUCATIOn, CAREER DEVELOPMENT and Equal Pay

Empowering Mainer’s to take control of their economic wellbeing is essential for Maine’s future.

  • Provide Easier market entry for Small Businesses.

  • Ensure each Entrepreneur and Emerging Business has the opportunity to succeed by providing the needed infrastructure and resources.

  • Provide Federal Funding for States/Regions with Depressed and depopulated Rural Economies that can be used within set perameters to further stimulate economic growth.

  • Create tax incentive to draw small businesses and working professionals to Maine.

The Federal Government needs to provide funding Rural States LevelHere is my Three Prong Approach. and start their own small business (ingenious and naturally posess that independent intrepid spiritSmall Businesses, EntWe can Energize Maine’s Rural Economies by providing easier access to funds for small business development, continued education and career development. with easier access to

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Women, Work and wages

Congress is FAILING to protect American Womens’ Rights.

Federal Focus on Women in Business

Congressional Committee to Focus on Women and Work

  • Pay Parity by 2030 (currently estimated to be 2059)

  • Paid Maternity Leave

  • Continued Monitoring of Sexual Assault and Harrassment in the workplace.

  • Female entrepreneurship

  • Working Women; Childcare and Education.

    • Daycare an essential part of providing economic opportunity to women…especially in Rural areas of the country.