Will Hoar

Will Hoar is committed to serving Maine and the communities that are the heart and soul of the second district. Will has worked in Special Education within the Maine Public School System and is involved with several community and environmentally focused organizations,

Will Hoar is steadfast in his dedication to serving the individuals of Maine’s Second District and protecting the great state of Maine. Will’s connection to Maine goes back four generations. Throughout his life, regardless of where circumstances took him, Will always considered Maine his anchor and home.

After graduating from Columbia University,Will was finally able to move to Maine with his wife, Olivia, and their dog, Pippin.

Will Hoar’s work and involvement within the local and neighboring communities has provided him with an acute understanding of the severity of the problems facing rural Maine, as well as the incredible potential for economic growth, community development and sustainable success within Maine’s Second Congressional District.

Will Hoar believes that Maine’s brightest days are still to come.

It is time for Maine to live up to its motto, “Dirigo”.

It is time for a renewed recognition and respect for rural Maine and Rural America.